Fastest way to share your location (iPhone)

Yep, it’s Google Maps. 

Sometimes you need to send your location fast. Maybe you’re meeting someone or you’re just lost. 

There are plenty of apps and ways to send your location. In fact, any app with access to your phones location data can do this. 

But if you wanna sent it fast, Google Maps is your best friend. 

You don’t even need to open the app. Just long press it until a menu shows app. Pick “Send my location” from the menu. 

Google Maps will open automatically with the share menu opened. Now just select the person you want to share with and press the Share button. 

He or her will receive a link. When clicked, that link will show them your exact location in Google Maps. 

From there, they can just ask Google Maps to show them the fastest route to you. 

So do you need to send your location fast to somebody, don’t forget you can just long press Google Maps. 

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