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How to secure a particular chat on WhatsApp

If you’re truly preoccupied about the privacy of your WhatsApp chats, you can secure them with your your password or facial recognition.

So WhatsApp just added a new security & privacy option, called Chat Lock. You can use it to secure particular chats with biometrics or a password.

Here’s how it works

Open the chat you want to secure and tap the persons name on top of the screen. This will get you to that particular chat’s options.

Now scroll down a little bit to find Chat Lock and tap on it.

Finally, tap to enable “Lock this chat with Face ID” (in case of an iPhone; it can be a password or fingerprint for other smartphones).

By doing that, you will create a new folder called Locked Chats. All chats that you secure this way will end up in here.

Now, as WhatsApp mentions, you have to keep in mind that Chat Lock is not synchronized so chats you lock on a phone will not be locked automatically on your other devices. You’ll have to do that manually.

Chat Lock is just another layer of security on WhatsApp for people really worried about their privacy. It’s also a little bit redundant.

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