How to Save and Use Draft Posts on Twitter

Did you knew that you can save Twitter posts to use at a later time?

If you had no idea that Twitter offers the ability to save draft posts, I don’t blame. It’s poorly designed and very obvious. But it’s easy to use once you spot it.

This is how you can save a draft post on Twitter:

  • Compose a post like you always do…
  • …but hit cancel once you’re done.
  • Tap Save Draft when prompted.

Now your post is saved but you don’t look for it in the menu or any other place that the Compose window.

To use your drafts do the following:

  • Hit the Compose button to write a Tweet
  • Tap the Drafts button that is now shown in the compose windows right before the Tweet button
  • In the next window choose your desired draft
  • Continue editing and publish like any other post.

Now you know both to save a draft post on Twitter and to use it later.

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