How to add and remove articles from Safari’s reading list

Here’s how to use Safari’s reading mode, to add articles that you can read later, even without internet access.

Reading mode is one of Safari’s less know but very useful features. You can save all kind of articles to this list, so you can read them later.

But, unlike the usual bookmarking system, reading mode actually saves articles locally, so you can read them when offline.

How to add an article to reading list

With the article you wish to save open in Safari, tab the Share button. There, you’ll need to use the Add to Reading List option.

How to access your Reading List

You’re reading list awaits you on the same place as your bookmarks. So tap the bookmarks button on the bottom bar in Safari and go to the middle section, with an icon resembling a pair of glasses.

How to remove an article from Reading List

Removing an article works just as in iMessage, for example. Swipe the article from right to left and tap delete.

Pretty neat, ha?

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