How to copy layers in Photoshop between documents

Learn from here how to move Photoshop layers from one document to another.

Photoshop is hands down the best and most complex graphic editor out there. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming for news users, even regarding basic features, like copying one layer around documents.

The reason this basic feature it’s now easy to find is because it’s incorporated in another feature. To copy a layer, you must look for the duplicate layer option.

Here’s how to copy a layer in Photoshop

  • Right click on the layer you want to copy;
  • From the very big contextual menu, choose “Duplicate Layer…”;
  • In the new small window, look under Destination and Document. It’s there where you can choose a destination document – a new or different document. To copy a layer to another document, just choose the desired document there.

Copying layers in Photoshop is not a straight forward feature, but it gets done pretty fast when you know what to look for.

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