How to scan QR codes with OnePlus smartphones

Learn how to scan QR codes using the default camera from OnePlus phones.

Modern camera apps, including the one on the OnePlus smartphones, have the ability to recognize some objects, like the QR codes.

It’s a pretty neat feature the works well and you don’t need to install other apps for scanning codes.

Here’s how to scan QR codes with OnePlus smartphones

First, you have to enable this feature, if it’s not already on:

  • Open the default camera app
  • Swipe up from the bottom bar and tap settings
  • Enable the “Smart Content Detection” option

Using this feature is very simple – just point the camera at the QR code.

If it’s a link, it will be showing on the screen and you can tap it to access the website.

That’s pretty much all there is to QR code scanning using a OnePlus smartphone.

10 thoughts on “How to scan QR codes with OnePlus smartphones”

  1. Yeah i have OnePlus 8 pro and don’t have this option do I need a separate app? And if so what’s the best one, is no crap with it lol

  2. PS I forgot too say I have the UK version dual SIM 8g/128g droid 10 update 6/2020 and there’s no QR option anywhere what app do I need? Is there a OnePlus app without cr@pware included?

  3. I cannot get it to work automatically however you can try to click on the bottom left corner button of the camera, it is a square with a dot in it. It should trigger another camera mode and you should be able to detect any QR code.

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