How to Lock Your Netflix Profile With a PIN

Did you know that you can secure your Netflix profile with a PIN?

Netflix just added the option of locking a profile with a 4-digit code.

This is a cool feature if you want to keep out of your profile the people you share your account. Maybe you don’t want them to know what you’re watching or something.

Anyway, you can enable this feature from Netflix website like this:

  • Hover the profile icon on the upper right of and click Account;
  • On your account page, click your profile and than click Change right next to Profile Lock;
  • After entering your account password, you can pick a 4-digit code.

This code needs to be entered every time you access your profile. So when you start the Netflix app on your smartphone or TV, you’ll need to enter your PIN after selecting your profile.

You now know how to correctly setup and use a PIN to protect your Netflix profile. Congrats!

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