How to remove a Movie from the Continue Watching list on Netflix

Cluttered Continue Watching list on Netflix? Here’s how to clean it up.

Every single movie and show you began watching will be added by Netflix on this Continue Watching list. It’s nice feature, except when it’s not.

Maybe you don’t wanna continue watching a crappy Netflix original. What then? Well, then you start cleaning up the Continue Watching list.

How to remove a movie or show from Continue Watching list

Open your app as usual and scroll down ’till you get to the Continue Watching list.

Notice that below every title there is now a three dots button. Tap that!

Next, you’ll see a little menu with a few options. You’ll want to tap “Remove From From”.

A confirmation notification will be shown. Tap OK and say goodbye to that title.

You can do this for every single show or movie you want gone.

And that’s it.

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