MacOS: How to add a file to the dock

It’s not the most obvious feature that Apple has ever made, but you can add files on the dock of your Mac. In this short tutorial we’ll show you how to do exactly that.

If you look through macOS’s menus you won’t find an option to add files to your dock. The option exists in the OS, but you need to do a little bit of digging. Read more

How to undo send mail in Apple Mail

Apple devices users rejoice! You can now undo send mails sent with Apple Mail on iPhone, iPad and Macs.

In case you haven’t heard, Apple Mail learned some new tricks, like undo sending mail. A bit late, but you know, better late than never. Read more

How to crop an image on macOS

Cropping an image on macOS with the preinstalled tools is not as straight forward as it should, but it’s doable.

Most of us know to use the basic actions of Apple Photos on an iPhone or Mac. But what about an image outside Apple Maps, like one you have downloaded from the internet. Read more

How to quit unresponsive apps on macOS

When you’re Mac apps misbehave, there’s only one thing to do: force quit them.

Sometimes, just like Windows programs, macOS apps can stop working of making other problems that can’t be fix with the usual means. Read more