How to enter Low Power Mode to preserve battery on a MacBook

If you want an even batter battery life from your MacBook, you can use the Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode is a new feature Apple introduced with macOS Monterey. It does some tuning to get more battery life for your.

Among those things, it reduces brightness, and the clock speed of your processor. So it will a little bit darker and slower, but you’ll use it more on battery.

You have a couple of option tho get to the setting that allows you to enable the Low Power Mode. This is the fastest way:

  • Click the battery in Manu bar;
  • From the menu choose Battery Preferences;
  • Finally, enable Low Power Mode on the Settings window.

That’s it.

Alternatively, you can open System Preferences, go to Battery and the to the Battery subsection to enable or disable the Low Power Mode.

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