How to activate DND only for your current location on iOS 14

Din you knew that you can activate DND just for your current location, so that it disables it self once you leave the place? Here’s how to use this feature.

The iOS 14 hides some neat and very little known features, like the conditioned Do Not Disturb. Here’s the thing: DND can be schedule not only by time, but also by location.

Let’s say you are meeting someone at a restaurant and you don’t to be disturbed during. In this case, you can activate DND just as long as you are in that restaurant. When you leave, DND will disable itself.

Here’s how to enable DND just for your current location

  • Swipe down from top right to open Control Center;
  • Long tap the DND button;
  • Select “Until I leave this location”.

It’s a very practical option and not many users know about it.

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