How to save a Live Photo as a video so that you can post in on Instagram or TikTok

În this article you will learn how can you post a Live Photo on social media by converting it first into a video.

Live Photos are kinda cool. What’s not cool si that your Android friends can’t see them because only iPhone can interpret them. 

So if you want to share a Live Photo that can be seen by everyone, you need to make it a video first.

Fortunately, in its generosity Apple, gave us the option to save a Live Photo as a video.

You need to open the desired Live Photo in the Apple Photos app and tap the three dots button on the upper left side of the screen.

A menu will open and on it you need to tap the Save as Video option.

That’s it. A three seconds video will automatically be created and you’ll find it right next to the Live Photo source.

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