How to check how much time you spend on Facebook and set a daily time limit

Are you worried that you waste to much of your time on Facebook? Here’s how to see exactly how much time you’re on Facebook and how to set yourself (or your kid) a daily usage limit.

Facebook can be bad for you. Or good. Or none and both. Depends on on many aspects, including your feelings and your friends posts. But here’s the thing: you’re your own boss and you can stop anytime you want.

That sounds pretty easy. Except, sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes you can’t control it and need help. It’s ok to seek help.

Fortunately, regarding Facebook, the app itself has a nice little instrument that you can you use.

Open the more menu, scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy. There is thing called Your Time on Facebook. Tap that too.

Your Time on Facebook

The first thing you’ll see here is how much time you spent on Facebook on the last 7 days.

This is the first step. If you don’t see anything wrong with time you spend on Facebook, move on. You’re fain.

If you arrive to the conclusion that you spend to much time on Facebook, move to step 2.

Limit Your own Time on Facebook

Down on that same page there is an option called Set Daily Time Reminder. Use it to setup yourself a limit, like 5 ore 15 minutes. Whatever you want. You can modify it later.

After those 5 ore 15 minutes you will receive a notification that we’ll tell you you reached your limit. It won’t kick you out of Facebook or anything.

It will be your own cue to leave.

All in all, it’s your choice. Maybe it’s not Facebook that’s toxic, maybe it’s some of your friends. Do what you feel it’s ok for you.

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