LG G8 ThinQ to feature a 3D front camera for secure face unlock

LG has officially confirmed that the G8 ThinQ will be equipped with a 3D front camera that will have many applications.

The Korean maker has done what usually technology companies are avoiding – they spoke openly about an unreleased product and even confirmed one of his features.

LG officials have confirmed that the G8 ThinQ will feature a 3D front camera, which will include a ToF (time-of-flight) sensor.

The ToF sensor uses infrared light to scan the subject and create a 3D representation of the subject. Specifically, LG will use Infineon’s REAL 3 sensor.

LG V40 ThinQ colors
LG V40 ThinQ

Such a sensor is a safe and precise way of securing mobile devices by facial scanning. The facial scanning security systems used before were far from safe and could be fooled with a banal picture of the possessor.

The same infrared technology can be used to separate the subject from the background in a picture to create DSLR like bokeh effect.

Cameras with ToF sensors will also be the basis for some applications and games that will use augmented reality elements, precisely because they can separate the subject from the environment.

The G8 ThinQ flagship is due to be released later this month at the Mobile World Congress 2019. From unofficial sources, the device will be differentiated from other smartphones by an attachable second screen and a touchless gesture control interface.

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