How to enable iPhone’s own calm background sounds like rain and ocean

You can listen to suiting background sounds on your iPhone without installing any app. Here’s how.

Most iPhone users have no ideea that Apple incorporated calling sounds on their iPhone, that can be played when you need them. That’s because it’s not such an obvious feature.

To get to this option, you need to add the Hearing toggle to the Control Centre, and use it from there.

So, the first thing you need to do is go to Settings – Control Centre and tap the + button next to Hearing to add this toggle the the Control Centre menu.

Now, to use it, open the Control Centre with a vertical swipe from the upper right corner of the screen and tap the Hearing toggle.

You can select one of the few sounds available, like rain, floating water or ocean, and make the volume higher or lower. You can also use compatible external speakers to play these sounds.

These sounds are great for relaxing or getting to sleep. There are also plenty of apps offer many more type of relaxing sounds, but most of them cost money.

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