How to save iPhone photos and videos in a format readable on Windows

Tired of not being able to see your iPhone photos and video on a Windows PC? Here’s how to fix that once and for all.

So you noticed that Apple doesn’t plays nice with Windows. You took a photo or a video with your iPhone and when you download it on your PC you found out that you need a special driver to see those files.

That is because, by default, iPhone saves photos and videos taken with it’s camera using a special format that Apple calls it High Efficiency or HEIF / HEVC.

That’s no problem for Apple devices, of course, but it is a big inconvenient on Windows.

So what can you do about it?

It’s simple: Change the format in which iPhone saves photos and videos.

To do this go to Settings – Camera – Formats on your iPhone. Once there, just change from High Efficiency to Most Compatible.

This way, photos will be saved as JPG and videos will use the H.264 format.

Now you can open the photos and videos you take with your iPhone on a Windows PC without installing a special software.

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