How to recover deleted messages on iPhone

Your deleted iPhone messages are kept in some kind of a recycle bin for a period of time and you can recover them if you need to.

iPhone messages are not erased when you choose to delete them. Instead, they are kept for a period of time and during that time they are recoverable. Read more

How to filter out music or podcasts on Spotify’s homepage (iPhone)

Weeks after the official announcement, Spotify updated its iPhone app with content filters. 

Since Spotify started hosting podcasts, the audio shows began appearing on the user’s homepage. You couldn’t escape the podcasts spam even if you hadn’t listen to any show.  Read more

How to take a 16:9 photo on your iPhone

You can choose to take photos on three modes on an iPhone – 4:3, 1:1 and 16:9.

By default, the iPhone snaps pictures on a 4:3 image raport. But, if you prefer you can change that to 16:9, to make it look more cinematic. Read more

How to save a Live Photo as a video so that you can post in on Instagram or TikTok

În this article you will learn how can you post a Live Photo on social media by converting it first into a video.

Live Photos are kinda cool. What’s not cool si that your Android friends can’t see them because only iPhone can interpret them.  Read more