Instagram Stories: How to Post Only For Your Friends

If you’re not comfortable posting public Stories on Instagram, know that you can also make Stories visible only to your close friends.

By default, Instagram Stories are public. Everything you post in this format, can be seen by anyone following you.

That’s because Facebook needs public content for people to watch and engage.

But there is a less known way that you can select the people you would like to see your Stories.

Friends Only Instagram Stories, first step: Close Friends List

For this work, you need to populate the so called Close Friends List, with the people you would like to share Stories privately.

So go to your profile and tap the three lines button to open the right side menu. Choose the Close Friends option.

There you make use of the search feature to find your friends and them to the list.

It’s not the most user friendly way to populate the list, but we’ll have to settle with it.


Friends Only Instagram Stories, step two: actual private Story posting

So now that yo have a Close Friends List, you can use this to post Stories visible only to the people on this list.

Create an Instagram Story the usual way with only one exception. When actually posting you Story, choose the Close Friends option from the bottom of the screen.

That’s pretty much it.

You’re selected friends will know that you have shared the Story privately with them, but won’t see who else is on the list.

For everyone else the Story won’t exist.

Here’s a short video we made to show you how to post Instagram Stories visible only to your friends:

Instagram Stories is a great way to share content on your favorite social network. But if you care about privacy, it can be better if you post only for your friends.

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