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How to hide likes on Instagram Reels

Instagram is trying so hard and so fast to become TikTok and makes so many changes that lets some users confused about many things, like how to hide the like counts on their own Reels.

Reels are nothing more than just short vertical videos that Instagram copied from TikTok. And it’s fine, except some options and UI features are a mess so far.

On normal posts, you can easily hide the number of likes on your own post. But on Reels, you can’t. At list not on the mobile app.

You can hide de likes count on your own Reels but only on the web version of Instagram.

So access Instagram on a web browser and open the Reel you want to hide likes, then tap the three dot menu from the upper right cornet.

Now just tap “Hide like count” from the menu.

This is so far the only way to hide like counts for Reels. Hopefully, Mark and the guys will notice the slip-up and will bring this option to the mobile Instagram app also.

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