Instagram tip: preview photos and videos without opening them

Did you know that there is a hidden Instagram feature that lets you preview content from the thumbnail view mode without opening the respective photo or video?

When your browsing certain sections on Instagram, like the discovery feed, your looking at some thumbnails that you tap on to see the bigger version.

Well, you don’t actually need to open the respective post to see the bigger image or video.

Just long press the post. A pop-up will open and you can immediately see the bigger version of it.

It’s faster and more economical this way, as you don’t load a full new page, cu comments and all. You just open the respective image or video.

What’s more, you can also access some features directly in the pop-up. You can like a photo, you can share it, you can open the author profile and more.

All of this options can be reached without lifting your finger from the screen. Just move it towards the button after you open the pop-up.

Isn’t this a cool feature? 😄


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