How to send encrypted messages on Instagram

Did you knew that you can encrypt messages sent over Instagram? 

Instagram has started testing end-to-end encryption for messages sent between its users. This allows your messages to be protected by encryption, so that no-one else can read them even of they intercept that data.

Here’s how to send an encrypted message to another Instagram user

🟡 Go to your Messages by tapping the origami airplane symbol on the top right corner of the screen;

🟡 Now tap the button that allows you to compose a new message, also on the top right corner of the screen;

🟡 Tap where it says Use end-to-end encryption;

🟡 Tap one of the users shown there and just talk to them like you would normally do.

Keep in mind that this is in testing right now and it only works for a few users. That is why you can’t sent encrypted messages to anyone just yet

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