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How to share your listening activity on Spotify with others

If you want to let your friends know what song you listen on Spotify, the streaming service has a couple of options that can help you with that.

Spotify is not a very social service. And this can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the user’s habit and expectations.

Spotify gives you two options to show to your friends what you’re listening.

You can let them see what song you play in real time and also you can have a list of recently played artists on your profile.

Both options can be found in the Settings page. You just have to scroll all the to the Social section.

One is called “Listening activity” and the other is called “Recently played artists”.

To enable or disable them you just need to toggle on or off any or both options.

If you like privacy, you can disable them. If not, you can leave them on. It’s up to you.

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