How to rename multiple files at once on a Mac

With only two or three clicks you can rename tons of files at once on your Mac.

MacOS’s finder is very good at helping you manage your files. The problem is that not all features ar obvious, and you have too look around to find them.

But once you know what you have to do, thing get so much easier you are more productive.

Renaming files on a Mac is also easy. Here’s how it works.

First, open Finder and select the files you want to rename (CMD+A for select all, CMD+click to select file one by one);

Next, right click on any of the selected files.

From the contextual menu that appears, click on “Rename…”

Now you have the rename windows in front of you. Just tap the desired name on the “Custom format” field and and click the Rename buton.

The Rename tool will automatically add sequential numbers to your files.

There are come option you can play with here, if you want, like where de counting stars or where the numbers will appear beside the name.

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