How to hide the number of likes on your Facebook posts

If you’re not comfortable with showing other how many likes your Facebook posts has, you can just hide the number of likes for all your posts.

Recently, Facebook added the option to hide likes. You can hide the number of likes shown under each one of your posts. If you want.

The feature works just the one on Instagram, but it’s hidden somewhere else in the vast amount of Facebook options.

Here’s how to hide the number of likes on Facebook:

  • Tap Menu, the last button on the button bar;
  • Scroll down, expand Settings & Privacy, and go to Settings;
  • Now enter section “Reaction preferences”, under Preferences;
  • There, you’ll want to enable the second option – Hide number of reactions on your posts.

If you’d like, from here you can also hide likes on other’s posts, to get rid of likes counts once and forever.

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