How to hide photos & video on your iPhone and where to find them

Learn how to hide and then find photos and videos on your iPhone, with Apple Photos.

The Photos app that you have on your iPhone has the hidden ability to hide files. You can use this to hide photos and video in a special folder.

It’s not a military grade security feature of something, but it’s enough to hide sensitive content that a friend can see while using your iPhone.

The easiest way to hide photos and video on your iPhone is this:

  • Long press the photo you want to hide until a contextual menu is shown;
  • Now tap Share;
  • On the next menu scroll down and tap Hide;
  • You just need to confirm by choosing Hide Photo from the last prompt shown.

And this way, your photo will be moved in a special folder.

Where you can find hidden photos and videos on your iPhone

To find your hidden files, you have to go to the folders tab on Apple Photos

There scroll down until you see a folder called Hidden. That’s where all your hidden files are being kept.

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