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How to filter out music or podcasts on Spotify’s homepage (iPhone)

Weeks after the official announcement, Spotify updated its iPhone app with content filters. 

Since Spotify started hosting podcasts, the audio shows began appearing on the user’s homepage. You couldn’t escape the podcasts spam even if you hadn’t listen to any show. 

Obviously, this has pissed off many users and now Spotify is lunching some sort of filters that work on the app’s homepage. 

So now you’ll notice two new buttons on the first page when you open the app, called Music and Podcasts & Shows. 

This are actually content filters. Tap the Music filter and you’ll only see music. If you only want to see podcasts, just tap de second button. 

Keep in mind that the design of the page is different with the filters on, so at first it might be difficult to find your most used content. 

If that’s the case, you can always check the Search tab, where all content is organized on categories. For example, you’ll find your weekly mix in the “Made for you” section. 

This option has been available on Android for some time, but it makes its way to iPhone just now. 

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