Here’s the new XCover Pro

XCover Pro is a shock-resistant mid-range smartphone with interchangeable battery.

Samsung has announced the Galaxy XCover Pro smartphone, a robust device, recommended for those who work in environments where dropping the phone is a common risk.

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro back

Not only is it water and dust resistant, according to IP68 certification, but it also has MIL-STD 810G certification, which attests to resistance under severe conditions, such as high attitudes and very high humidity.

XCover Pro is one of the few new smartphones that have a changeable battery. It has a capacity of 4,050 mAh.

Another great feature is the push-to-talk feature, which allows the phone to be used as a Walkie Talkie with other colleagues – provided they have the same phone.

The same phone includes various solutions for inventory management, barcode scanning or POS, which can eliminate the need for dedicated POS hardware.

The 6.3-inch Full HD screen can be used with gloves and recognizes commands even when fingers are wet.

Technically speaking, the Galaxy XCover Pro is based on the Exynos 9611 platform, with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space to which a memory card can be added.

The smartphone that ships with Android 10 has two cameras, 25 MP, F1.7 and 8 MP, F2.2.

$499 is the official price of the new Galaxy

Here’s what Samsung said about it:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled the new Galaxy XCover Pro, a smartphone specially designed for those who work directly with the public / customers in various industries. Galaxy XCover Pro completely reinvents the smartphone designed to withstand a robust yet elegant design. The Galaxy XCover Pro includes premium specifications for Galaxy family smartphones, such as the immersive display, long battery life and data protection provided by the Samsung Knox security platform. In addition, the smartphone incorporates unique mobility solutions that can be used in a wide range of business scenarios, including the ability to integrate the new walkie talkie feature into Microsoft Teams.

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro front

“The Galaxy XCover Pro is the result of the investments and commitment that Samsung has demonstrated over the years for the B2B market. We believe that the business mobility market will evolve in 2020, and we want to be leaders in creating an open and collaborative mobile platform for the next generation of digitized workforce, “said DJ Koh, President and CEO of the IT and Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics.

“Microsoft and Samsung have a long history of creating the best hardware and software solutions that will meet the challenges our customers face. The combination of Microsoft Teams with the new Galaxy XCover Pro is based on this partnership that will provide employees who work directly with consumers or those who work on the field the technology they need in their business, so that their work is more productive and more productive. “said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft.

Galaxy XCover Pro is an elegant and durable device

With the Galaxy XCover Pro, Samsung is reinventing the durable mobile phone, specifically designed for a wide range of industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare and logistics. With its slim and lightweight design, the Galaxy XCover Pro is more than just a traditional device; is the smartest, most robust and rugged all-in-one smartphone on the market.

The smartphone is water and dust resistant (IP68 certified), it can be inserted into water up to 1.5m deep, even without housing and is MIL-STD 810G certified, which means it offers protection at extreme altitudes. , against humidity and other severe environmental conditions. The pogo type charging stand and the ability to charge through third parties ensure the operation of the phone for long periods, having a 4,050mAh battery that lasts long after the end of the work program. If more energy is needed, the battery can be replaced.

Galaxy XCover Pro allows users to customize their recurring actions, with just a click to trigger them. This feature makes the workflow easier, so users can start the scanner, flashlight, or CRM application without going into the application menu and even looking at the screen.

Finally, by removing the physical home button, Samsung has transformed the phone, which is now simpler and more elegant, while maintaining its durability and durability. The Galaxy XCover Pro features a 6.3-inch FHD + Infinity display with enhanced touchscreen, capable of operating in any conditions, including in rain or snow. For employees working in the field, glove mode allows them to use the phone even with gloves, but they can also use voice commands that turn into written messages, for simple and convenient communication.

Full Field Solution Powered by Samsung Partner Ecosystem

The Galaxy XCover Pro is capable of meeting the needs of those using the mobile phone in their current activities. Professionals and field staff can enjoy the mobile solutions in the Samsung ecosystem, namely immediate inventory management, payment processing and on-the-go communication.

The Galaxy XCover Pro has the push-to-talk feature, which, with the two customizable keys, allows users to stay in touch with anyone throughout the day at the touch of a button, including the main desk, dispatchers or different team members on the field. To make it easier for coworkers to communicate, Samsung worked closely with Microsoft to introduce Microsoft Teams, the walkie talkie feature on the Galaxy XCover Pro, the first such solution.

Samsung offers employees in various industries mobile solutions that help them perform their daily tasks through software and hardware solutions from Infinite Peripherals, KOAMTAC, Scandit and Visa. Retail associations can manage stocks and payments, with barcode scanning available. I can also use mPOS whose payment modules are available on the SDK for mPOS solution providers.

Galaxy XCover Pro benefits from Samsung POS, an integrated mobile sales solution (POS), which has been approved by the Visa Tap to Phone pilot program. This solution benefits sales employees so they will be able to meet consumers’ payment preferences, thus eliminating the need for dedicated POS hardware through an easy, reliable, convenient and secure software solution. By accessing the software terminal that is based on the transaction with the EMV chip you will generate the same functionality, being sure that the financial data is secure. Users will be able to make payments within seconds, simply by touching the card, phone or watch of the Galaxy XCover Pro.

“Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is a powerful POS platform that has launched digital retail transformation. The implementation of this system in various industries such as healthcare, restaurants, airlines is an excellent example that demonstrates that the partnership between Visa and Samsung supports the democratization of access to easier payment experiences for consumers, no matter where they are. “said Mary Kay Bowman, Visa’s Head of Seller Solutions.

Security and activity management

In addition to its resilience, the Galaxy XCover Pro makes sure that user data is safe, thanks to the Samsung Knox platform. With Samsung Knox, professionals benefit from advanced security features such as hardware protection, data storage and data encryption, so important business information is protection against intrusions, possible malware or other threats. The device also features fingerprint recognition sensor for easier accessibility.

With Samsung Knox, large companies can quickly and easily configure devices, manage firmware versions, and IT administrators can handle them, such as updates, via Knox Configure and Knox E-FOTA. In some markets, the Galaxy XCover Pro will also be available in Enterprise Edition, offering two years of market availability and four years of security updates to ensure the smooth running of the business.

With the Galaxy XCover Pro, Samsung continues to innovate in technology designed for business.

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