Google Maps: How to download maps for offline use

Google Maps offline navigation is a well hidden feature in the Google Maps app.

Did you know that you can download a map in Google Maps to navigate while offline? Well, your not the only one.

Google won’t allow you to use his apps exclusively offline, because he need control and he needs to get your data to show you relevant ads.

But there is a Google Maps offline navigation mode somewhere in there and I will show you how to used it.

Google Maps offline navigation – where to find it

First of all select a place on the map or by searching for it.

With that page open, you tap the three dot menu on the right hand upper corner of the screen and select “Download offline map”.

Google Maps offline navigation – how to use it

This will open an rectangle. Zoom in or out in it to select the area you want to make available offline.

The maximum area you can download depends on the available storage space you have your smartphone.

When you are ready, tap Download and wait.

Here, watch this tutorial and ignore the fapt it’s shot on an iPad. The process is fairly similar on Android.

That is all there is to it. You now know how to use the Google Maps offline navigation.

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