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Snooze Your Email to Better Concentrate on Your Current Task (Gmail)

Learn how be more productive by snoozing your emails in order of their priority.

It can be quite difficult dealing a large amount of emails. Not having a work flow and a priority based system can be counterproductive, not to mention error prone.

You may think you can multi-task but you’ll expose yourself to mistakes and a negative emotion mood by trying to take on all those emails.

The best thing to do when you receive many email is to snooze those that can be dealt with later. It’s procrastination, it’s a way to take your task one at a time.

Snoozing emails allows you to set a reminder so you won’t forget about them.

Google introduced a snooze option in Gmail around 2018, after closing it’s Inbox experimental app. It’s pretty straight forward.

How to use snooze in Gmail

🔴 On the web version, open an email and look for a clock button on the button bar that stays bellow the search box.

🔴 On the Gmail mobile app, when you open an email, tap the three dots menu (upper right corner) and choose Snooze.

🔶 You then just have to pick a specific time to be reminded about it.

That’s it! Hope you’ll find this tip useful.

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