How to schedule an email in Gmail mobile

This is how you can send email at a later time with Gmail.

One of the best feature that Gmail got from the now dead Inbox experiment, is the ability to schedule email – to write emails now, but set a future hour or date to be sent.

It’s very nice option in many cases, like not wanting to bother your colleagues in week-end.

Here’s to schedule an email in Gmail on iPhone or Android

Compose the email like you would usually do, but instead taping the send button do this:

  • Tap the three dots button from the upper right corner of the screen;
  • From the menu shown tap where it says “Schedule send”;
  • Now pick the right time. You can choose one of the three default options, or setup the day, hour and minute manually. It’s up to you.

Gmail also has a special folder where it keep email you schedule, until they are sent. It’s called, simply, Scheduled.

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