How to setup an automated responder in Gmail

Here’s how to setup Gmail to automatically respond to emails when you’re out of office.

Gmail is a great email service. In fact it’s so awesome, that many prefer it over their business domain, because of the many useful features.

Google’s service has many business tool that can be used by office workers to better manage their communication workflow.

Among this features there is an option to setup automated responses to email. This may come in handy when your on vacation, to let your contacts know you’ll get back to them when you come back.

Setup the automatic responder in Gmail like this:

  • Click the nut icon from under your profile picture, on the upright corner of the screen
  • Select Settings
  • On the General tab, scroll all the way down
  • Enable “Vacation responder on”
  • Choose your dates, fill your desired subject and message
  • Optionally, you can choose to send these emails only to your contacts (to avoid replying to spammers)
  • Don’t forget to confirm changes by clicking Save Changes

That’s it. Just don’t forget to disable the automated responses when you return. 😀

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