Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra

Galaxy S20 has a secret feature that all smartphones should have

It was recently discovered that Galaxy S20 hides a hardware component that Samsung did not mentioned when it launched their latest flagship.

If data security is important to you, then this is a big deal. Samsung has put a special chip in Galaxy S20 for the sole purpose of security.

This chip is called Secure Element. What is does is separate de memory from the storage space of the device.

In doing so it creates an isolated space where it puts what’s really important. Stuff like your PIN, your passwords and your biometric data like fingerprint and facial recognition data, will be saved here.

So if a hacker gets access to your storage data he can’t copy your passwords and other sensitive data.

It doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a hacker to steal your data. It means that he has to breach another layer of security to do so. It’s now an impenetrable vault, it’s just harder to break in. Which is a good thing, obviously.

The Secure Element chip has a CC EAL 5+ (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) certification for security. The best level is 7.

So it’s not perfect but it’s pretty good.

Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung says that it’s security chip will work against reverse engineering and other sophisticated attacks like those using laser beams. Yes’ it’s a thing.

This Secure Element security chip seems like a good reason for a business man to buy Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 flagship, doesn’t it?

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