Galaxy F, Samsung's first foldable smartphone

Galaxy F, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, caught on video for the first time

A short promo video published online by a Korean manufacturer’s subsidiary shows for the first time the first foldable smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy F.

Samsung has posted apparently by mistake a short clip (and in the meanwhile removed it) in which, among others, appears the Galaxy F, the vrey first foldable smartphone from the Korean manufacturer.

For a few moments, after second 23, a person is seen opening the Samsung device. The video promotes more technologies and it seems to be created to run at the Samsung Unpacked event this month.

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The Korean manufacturer announced the existence of this phone a few months ago, but back then there was a kind of box masking the actual device. This occurrence right now is important because it shows a much thinner device than originally thought.

The Galaxy F will have a 7.3 inch (1536 x 2152 pixel resolution) internal screen that will bend like a book and an external screen of 4.58 inches (840 x 1960 pixels resolution) that can be used when the device is folded.

This device is expected to be officially released on February 20 at the Samsung Unpacked event, where the new Galaxy S10 series will also be released.

Galaxy F is expected to beat any price record for the Korean manufacturer and cost around 1,700 dollars.

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