Galaxy F foldable smartphone

Galaxy Fold – everything you need to know about Samsung’s first foldable smartphone

Galaxy F is the first foldable smartphone from Samsung and it’s a beauty. A very, very expensive and beautiful piece of technology.

Galaxy Fold official photos

Galaxy Fold oficial specs

Why would we need a foldable smartphone

We’ll, for me at list, it’s pretty obvious. You can fold a big screen to carry it with you more easily.

You’ll have a big screen when you need it but also you can fold it and use the smaller screen for something fast, like talking to your digital assistant.

Not to say it’s pretty cool.

Now, it is imperative to also be slim. If not, when folded, you will end up carrying a brick with two screens and nobody wants that.

Galaxy F foldable smartphone
Galaxy F concept

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Galaxy F – what do we know about it

First of all, we know it will became official on February 20.

We know that there will be two screens. One will have 7,3 inch with 1536 x 2152 pixel resolution. That’s the big external one.

The smaller internal screen will measure 4.6 inch and will have a resolution of 840 x 1960 pixels.

Galaxy F foldable smartphone
Galaxy F concept unfolded

What about the camera

According to the Coreean publication ETNews, the Galaxy F will feature a triple camera.

There will be a wide lens, a tele lens and a depth lens for portraits.

I just wonder how will you take photos with the device unfolded.

The batteries

Yes, your read right. It appears that the Galaxy F will have two batteries, one on every side.

Every battery will have 3,100 mAh so the the combined capacity will be of 6.200 mAh.

It seems huge but you compare with the every day smartphone, but don’t forget that there are also two screens and 6.200 mAh doesn’t necessarily mean there will plenty of power.

For what we know, it may not be even enough for one day of use.

Galaxy F foldable smartphone
This is how Galaxy F could look like

How much will the Galaxy F cost you

The short answer is a lot. And I mean a lot.

The long answer is that we don’t know for sure right now, but it will supposedly cost somewhere around 1.700 euros.

That’s pretty much everything there is know about Galaxy F so far. We’ll update this post as soon as more info becomes available.

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