How to use only secure HTTPS connections in Firefox

Did you knew that not all the connections to the websites you visit are secure? You need to activate this option to force enable HTTPS.

Our favorite web browser has a new neat security feature, called HTTPS-Only. And what it does it forces all connections made when you open websites to use the more secure HTTPS protocol.

There is no other browser that has a similar feature, at list so far. Firefox is the first to bring this kind of option.

Regularly, not all connection are securely established, not even on HTTPS enable websites. There can be parts of data or some particular features that roll back to HTTP. And you don’t even notice.

The new Firefox option makes sure all connections are made through HTTPS.

How to force HTTPS on all connections in Firefox

  • Go to Settings, using the only menu left in Firefox;
  • Access the Privacy & Security section there;
  • Browse all the way down and enable “HTTPS-Only Mode in all windows”.

You can alternatively select “HTTPS-Only Mode in private windows only”, but why would you?

Now all your website connections will be made through HTTPS on Firefox.

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