🔑 How To View Your Saved Passwords in Firefox

If you can’t remember your passwords, you can view those you already saved in Firefox.

As with other web browsers, Firefox will save your passwords if you let him. Saved passwords will used to login on web sites and social networks without writing them manually.

But, sometimes, you may need to remember one of you passwords. Maybe to use it on some other device or app. In this case, you really need to see the password you already saved.

Fortunately, Firefox can show you all the passwords you saved over time.

How to see passwords saved in Firefox

To see your passwords in Firefox do this:

– click the three lines button on the leftmost of the address bar;
– click the option “Logins and Passwords” from the menu;
– select your desired website from the list shown;
– click the button that resembles an eye right next to the password to view it.

Keep in mind that if you secure your Windows with a password, Firefox will ask for that password to let you see the saved passwords.

So that is all there is to it. Pretty simple, ha? 😀

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