How to Restrict Someone on Facebook without blocking them

This is how you hide your posts from a friend, without blocking him.

Restrict is one of the “hidden” Facebook features, that not many people know about it and use it.

It givers you another option regarding some unwanted people, besides outright blocking them. And the good thing is that they don’t know for sure you restricted them, but they can guess.

So what does Restrict do? If a friend is restricted, he will only see your public posts. He’ll be treated more like a stranger then a friend.

Here’s how to restrict someone on Facebook

  • On his profile page, tap the three dots button;
  • Tap Friends and then Edit Friends List;
  • Now, from the options shown, you pick Restricted;
  • Tap done and you’re done.

Follow the same steps to remove the restricted label, if you change your mind.

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