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How to change your Facebook profile picture

Time to change your Facebook profile photo!

If you want your friends to easily recognise you, you need a good and, preferably, new photo to use as your profile picture on Facebook.

For that you need to upload a news photo to your Facebook profile page.

Let’s see how it’s done. We’ll talk you through the iPhone process, but it’s similar for Android phones too.

  • First, go to the More page on your Facebook app.
  • There, tap on “See your profile” under your name.
  • Now, on on your profile page, tap the little camera icon next to where your profile photo should be.
  • Tap “Select Profile Picture” and pick one your local photos.
  • You can edit it or frame it, it’s up to you, but when you’re done tap Save.

Congrats. You now have a new Facebook profile picture to show off.

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