Sorting the Facebook Newsfeed by Most Recent Posts

Learn how to see the most recent posts on Facebook.

Facebook’s algorithm can be fine for surfacing posts you’ve miss. But it will show you a lot of old content which is not always ok.

Sometimes, when you’re following a news subject, you want to see the most recently published posts.

This feature is still present on the social network. It’s just a bit hidden and you have to find it.

Where you can find de most recent posts feed

  • Open the app and tap the rightmost button to access the “More” menu;
  • Tap “See More” to open this sub menu;
  • Scroll down and tap “Most Recent”.

You won’t need to go all this way in the feature to open the most recent feed. After you keep opening it a few times, Facebook will show this option on top of the More menu, so it will be a little bit more easily to access.

Anyway, it’s simple enough as it is and we hope Facebook won’t remove the Most Recent feed anytime soon.

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