Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

How to enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Here’s how you can save battery by enabling the new dark mode on Facebook Messenger.

If you still use the piece of crap called Facebook Messenger, I have good news for you. You can make it suck less by using it in dark mode.

Whats is Dark Mode

As in any other app that has this, the dark mode on Facebook Messenger uses mostly dark colors as opposed to the normal interface with a lot of white.

Why use Dark Mode

Except for the fact that it’s better for eyes, the dark mode has a great impact on your smartphone’s battery life.

That is if you own a smartphone with an AMOLED screen, which use individually lit LEDs, that only uses power it there is something other than black to show.

What you need to understand is that AMOLED screen can use less power with darker colors. For example, a black pixel is a turned off pixel. More black means more inactive pixels and less power consumption.

How do you enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

So far, the dark mode is a hidden feature in Facebook Messenger that has no option for turning it on.

But you can enable that option by sending a crescent moon emoji to somebody on your list (even to yourself).

After you send the emoji, Facebook Messenger will show you the option to enable the dark mode.

This is great news for more than one billion people who uses Facebook Messenger. But, my personal advice is to avoid using this app and switch to a decent chat app, like Telegram.

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