How to enable or disable vertical tabs on Microsoft Edge

This is how to enable vertical tabs on Microsoft Edge. Vertical tabs are practical and cool!

The Chromium based Edge browser is the first to integrate a vertical tab bar, that will use the vertical space of your display to show your opened tabs.

And because most monitors are wide, vertical tabs are a more efficient way of using screen estate. That is, if moving tabs on a vertical list free up a horizontal row to give you more space for the actual web pages.

Switching to vertical tabs in Edge is quite easy. You just have to click the new vertical tabs button, which now comes first on the tab bar.

Use the same button to switch back to the classical horizontal tab bar.

In the present Edge iteration, vertical tabs is a feature only partially implemented. Activating vertical tabs, doesn’t free up a horizontal row in the browser window, as the title bar remains visible.

In a feature version of the browser, the title bar will be gone when using vertical tabs. So we just need to be pacient.

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