How to customize the Facebook shortcuts bar

Lately, Facebook added the option to choose what buttons show up on the menu bar in the mobile apps. You can use this option to declutter the bar and leave only shortcuts you really use.

Facebook has the bad habit of pushing buttons for the sections or content that they want to bring forward, to get more views and more money from ads.

But now, there is a new feature that lets you enable and hide shortcuts on the bar. You can now hide the Watch button, if you don’t watch too much videos on Facebook, and bring forward the Groups section by putting the Groups button on that bar.

Adding and hiding button on Facebook’s bar

To acces the Settings page that allows you to do all this you have to go to the More page, scroll down, tap Settings & Privacy and go to Settings.

Now go to Shortcuts – Shortcuts bar. Here you’ll see all the sections that live inside Facebook and for every one of the you have three options: Pin, Auto and Hide.

If you really want a button to show up on the bar, you choose Pin. If you select Auto, Facebook will decide. The Hide option is pretty self explanatory. 

You can also long press a button directly on the bar, to open up an options pop-up. You can easily hide the button this way and opt to hide the red dot notification.

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