How to crop an image on macOS

Cropping an image on macOS with the preinstalled tools is not as straight forward as it should, but it’s doable.

Most of us know to use the basic actions of Apple Photos on an iPhone or Mac. But what about an image outside Apple Maps, like one you have downloaded from the internet.

This is a very different use case that involves using de build in Preview tool.

Here’s what you have to do to crop a file staring from Finder

✓ Open the image with the Preview tool;

✓ Tap the button that looks like a crayon to show the Markup Toolbar;

✓ Make the selection you wish on the image;

✓ Nou will notice that the crop button show on the toolbar after you make your selection – click on that to make the crop.

Now you will also need to save you image by overriding the original or making a new copy.

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