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How to reuse photo edits on Apple Photos (iPhone)

Don’t waste your time by making the same edits again and again to all photos you make with your iPhone. You can now copy the edits you make to one photo and apply them to other photos.

This is one of the nicest new features of iOS 16 and not many people know about it – you can copy & paste photo edits.

Copy & paste edits on Apple Photos

Here’s how

✅ Open the first photo and enter edit mode. 

✅ Make the necessary adjustments. 

✅ When you’re happy with the way your photo looks, tap the three dots menu from the upper right corner and choose Copy Edits.

✅ Now open another photo (you don’t even need to enter the edit mode), tap the same button and choose Paste Edits.

So nice and simple, right?

Also, you can do this for many other photos at once. Just select all the photos you want, tap the three dots menu and tap Paste Edits. 

Now those edits will be applied to all selected photos. It will take a while but it will make you job so much easier.

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