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How to convert a PDF file to a image

Learn the easy way of saving a PDF file as a image (or more images).

Did you knew that you can convert PDF files in images? It’a actually possible to save every page of a PDF document as an image.

Why do that? So you can easily view the content without needing a PDF viewer. (There is also possible to view PDF files in web browsers, like Firefox or Chrome).

The best part of this process is that you don’t even need to install a program on your computer. You can do it online.

There are many websites that offer this option freely. We choose for this article ilovepdf.com. It’a clean and fast site that let you easily convert your PDFs.

Here’s how:

  • On ilovepdf.com click on PDF to JPG (on the second row);
  • Now click the big “Select PDF files” button to upload your files;
  • Choose the first option from the left side menu. If you just want to extract the images from a PDF you can use the second option there;
  • Click the big “Convert to JPG” button;
  • And finally, click “download JPG images” to save those images to your computer.

Every page from that PDF will be saved as a image, and all images will be downloaded as an archive.

That’s pretty much it. A very simple and smooth process of converting PDFs to images.

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