How to check if your Chrome browser has been compromised

This is how you can check for yourself if your Chrome browser has breaches or your date, including your passwords, are safe.

Google Chrome has nice little hidden feature that let’s you check for security breaches. With a push of a button and a lot of help from AI, you will know how safe your data is.

You’ll want to open Chrome’s settings page and scroll down until you see Safety check.

Once there, click the big blue Check now button. In only a couple of seconds you’ll have the scan results.

Almost certain you’ll see that some of your passwords are not safe – too short, reused or included in some server breach.

In this case, Chrome will suggest you change those passwords and even help you pick very strong ones. Hard to remember, yes, but if you use a password manager, like 1Password, you’ll be ok.

You’ll also be told to remove some extensions, if those are found to be unsafe. If you haven’t updated Chrome in a while, this will be another warning.

The coll thing about this is that you don’t have to do all this research by yourself. Chrome helps you a lot to get your security straight. It’s actually one of the best hidden gems of Google’s web browser.

Use it constantly after a few couple of weeks. You don’t know when the next breach will happen and your password won’t be safe anymore.

Also, don’t avoid 2FA with Authy. It’s a life saver.

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