How to block cookies in Chrome

Use this trick to better protect your privacy in Google Chrome.

Much of our online privacy is related to these pesky cookies. They are used to save some of our preferences but also to track us.

Tech giants like Google and Facebook thrive on our data, following us around and learning as much as they can about us. One way they’re doing this is using cookies.

So, as a general rule, you want to block as much of the cookies that they use to track you, but without making sites unusable.  There are many websites that really need those cookies to work properly.

Fortunately, modern web browsers, Chrome including, offer a way to deal with cookies as you please.

How to block all or some of the cookies in Google Chrome

  • You need to access Chrome settings from the only menu the browser has.
  • Once there, scroll down until you see something that says “Cookies and other site data”.
  • Click on that and pick one the options there.

You can completely block all cookies, but that could create some problems. I would recommend blocking only third party cookies. This way, you cut the access for advertisers and sites you don’t even visit, but allow the sites you really visit to use those cookies.

This, of course, is just a partial protection, as some of the websites are selling your data to the advertisers, but there is nothing you can do about that but stop visiting them.

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