How to check if you’re part of a data breach

How to check if you’re part of a data breach

Learn how to check if your data was stolen during a hack, so you can take proper action.

These days, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid being hacked. When an online app or service you use gets hacked, you get hacked.

Apart for using different strong passwords and activate 2FA wherever possible, there is nothing nothing more you can do to protect the data you have on internet services.

You can, however, check to se if your one the unlucky ones, and at list change your password.

To see if your accounts are compromised, just visit and verify your emails.

This website will show the online services that you use and have been hacked.

With that information, you should change the passwords you use on all the affected services.

It’s also a good idea to revisit haveibeenpwned from time to time and see how your online data is doing and if your passwords need changed.

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