📌 How To Change Your Instagram Username

Learn how to easily get yourself a new or modified username on Instagram.

The username is very important on a social network. It’s your ID and the one element that speaks loudly about you.

Maybe after reaching 40 you are no longer satisfied with your Robocap69 username and want something more serious, like john.robertson.

Whatever your reason is, changing usernames on Instagram is pretty simple and it’s short of a miracle that it still is possible.

So, follow this simple process to change your username on Instagram:

  • Tap your profile Icon on lower right of your screen
  • Tap the big Edit Profile button on your profile page
  • Change the text on your username
  • Confirm the change

The only big limitation here is that you need to pick a user name that is not already in use. It can’t be more than one user with the same username.

So, that’s it, this is how you can easily change your Instagram username.

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