How to block ads on any smartphone running Android Pie

In this article you will learn to block ads on all smartphones and tablets running Android Pie.

This is the simplest possible way to block ads on Android Pie. It works at the operating system level and even on unrooted devices.

This means that ads are blocked everywhere, not just in the web browser, but in any installed app.

Also, you won’t need to install any app.

Block ads on Android Pie

Due to the changes Google made in Android Pie, all you need to do to block ads system wide is to use a custom DNS that filters ad servers.

One such DNS is the one offered by AdGuard.

For this to work, you will make use of a feature named “Private DNS”.

So go to Settings and into “Wi-Fi & internet” section. Acces the “Private DNS” menu.

Check “Private DNS provider hostname” and enter this address: Save.

That’s it.

This is the easiest way to block ads on a smartphone. Also, it’s the most energy efficient method of blocking ads.

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